Ham Radio in the Snoqualmie Middle Fork Valley

Looking down on an event.
Who we are

WA7VC, the Valley Camp Amateur Radio Group, serving the Upper Snoqualmie Valley community since 1995.

The home of WA7VC is Valley Camp , located 6 miles NE of North Bend WA.
We have onsite a tower with a 10/15/20 meter beam and 2m/440 high gain vertical.
5 trees on the property have pulleys at or above 80' allowing for easy long wire installations.

Getting Involved
Donations to support ongoing ham radio activities can be made to Valley Camp , a 501(c)3 organization. Indicate you are supporting WA7VC.
Antenna Workshop in the field
Piles of computers or a picnic table
On the air
There are a number of ways to reach us either via good 'ol RF or the internet:
  • 70cm Simplex: 446.525 (no tone)
  • Echolink: Node 98045 (or Valley Camp)
  • IRLP: 7808
  • DSTAR: WA7VC B on 440.01250Mhz + 5.000Mhz
  • APRS: WA7VC-10 Digi-iGate 144.390
  • DMR: NorthBend-ValleyCamp 440.7250 + 5.000Mhz (Talkgroup: Local 2)
  • Winlink: W7EFR-4 on 144.950Mhz, Mode: Packet/Packet 1200, Gridsquare: CN97DL, Antenna: Omni
Our on-site EchoIRLP node is powered by a Raspberry Pi. It offers the following commands:
  • *1 - Read the current time
  • *81 - Read data from Snoqualmie Falls river gauging station
  • *82 - Read data from North Fork river gauging station
  • *83 - Read data from Middle Fork river gauging station
  • *84 - Read data from South Fork river gauging station
But what's the weather?
Our Davis VantagePro2 Plus weather station provides data to the following sites:
Preppeing a balloon for launch
WA7VC has hosted many Ham Radio Events over the years including:
Our upcoming schedule of events is: