Summer Gathering

September 6-8, 2019

A  drone shot looking down on an event at Valley Camp A background image of a sine wave
22nd Annual Summer Gathering

Year 22, once more like we did before! As usual, this year's Summer Gathering will be filled with lectures, show-and-tell, food, and antennas. In addition to the schedule of events shown below, attendees are often showing off their own projects, selling or trading used items, and helping each other construct or repair all manner of things!

As always, the event will be held at Valley Camp. For reservations please contact

For questions, please contact

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If you are planning to attend the event please fill out this RSVP form so we make sure nobody goes hungry!

Event Talk-In Frequency:

  • 2m Simplex: 146.52 (no tone)
Other WA7VC local frequencies:
  • Echolink: Node 98045 (or Valley Camp)
  • IRLP: 7808
  • DSTAR: WA7VC B on 440.01250Mhz + 5.000Mhz
  • DMR: NorthBend-ValleyCamp 440.7250 + 5.000Mhz (Talkgroup: Local 2)
  • APRS: WA7VC-10 Digi-iGate 144.390

Schedule of Events

Friday (9/6):
  • Dessert
Saturday (9/7):
  • Breakfast at pavilion
  • Opening and introductions - Thom, K7FZO
  • DStar - Scott, N7SS
  • Digital Mobile Radio, (DMR) - Brad Estill, N7ER
  • APRS - Tom Needham, WA7TBP
  • Lunch (Burgers & brats)
  • 22nd Anual Group Photo
  • Balloon Launch. - L. Paul Verhage, KD4STH
  • HAMWAN update. - Kenny Richards, KU7M
  • 9600 baud packet & DRAWS. - Bryan Hoyer, K7UDR
  • Elmer stations, tailgate swapmeet & social time
    • DStar - Scott Honaker, N7SS
    • APRS - Tom Needham, WA7TBP
    • DMR - Brad Estill, N7ER
    • WINLINK - Bob Stephens, AF9W
    • 3D Printing - Phil Moscinski, N2EU
    • FL-DIGI - Bob Tykulsker, KM6SO
  • Spaghetti feed at pavilion. Social time the rest of the evening
  • APRS Bunny Hunt. - Tom Needham, WA7TBP
Sunday (9/8):
  • Pancake breakfast at pavilion
  • 3D Printing, Phil Moscinski, N2EU
  • FL-DIGI. Bob Tykulsker, KM6SO
  • PAT Winlink. Bob Stephens, AF9W
  • Lunch provided
  • Elmer Stations and social time (Same Elmer stations as Saturday)

Valley Camp is location about 30 minutes east of Seattle. (Directions from their website are located below)

49515 S.E. Middle Fork Rd
North Bend WA 98045

47.4680, -121.6806


Directions to the Event

Take Exit 34 off of I-90. At the bottom of the offramp turn left if coming from Seattle, or right if coming from Spokane.

Go ½ mile to SE Middle Fork Rd. and turn Right. (County sign says 'Valley Camp 2.2 miles')

When you come to the "Y" in the road you can take either direction, you'll find us where the roads come back together.

If you take the left path: Follow that road until you get to the stop sign. We are straight ahead.
This path may be easier for RV's and trailers, however it does have some additional twists and turns and is a two-way road.

If you take the right path: Follow the road until the roads come back together, and make a right turn into camp.
Please note: While this is technically a one-way road many people are unfortunately disobeying the signs, so please be careful of the possibility of oncoming traffic!